Which companies have progressed the furthest along the Industry 4.0 Journey?

Industry 4.0 represents the next Industrial Revolution and manufacturers in all industries will face a transformation unlike any they’ve experienced before – one led by data and software. However, progress is uneven across industries and players as they grapple with concepts and technologies outside of their core competencies

Red Chalk Group Industry 4.0 Benchmarking Framework

The Red Chalk Group has developed a proprietary framework to benchmark manufacturing companies undertaking the Industry 4.0 process.

From left to right, the framework outlines the steps necessary to build a connected product, the related analytics applications and eventually developing an outcome-based model that leverages the capabilities developed. While the framework may not be perfect for every company and situation, we believe it represents a general overview of the stages and complexities manufacturers must navigate when undertaking an Industry 4.0 strategy / transformation.

Using this framework, Industry 4.0 progress was benchmarked for machinery companies / business segments across industry verticals.