Vehicle OS and Smartphone Projection Systems

Jan 11, 2024

The in-vehicle dashboard ecosystem has evolved, driven by technology advancements in the connected car landscape, resulting in development in the infotainment system via vehicle operating systems (e.g., Automotive Grade Linux, Android Automotive) as well as smartphone projection systems (e.g., Apple CarPlay, Android Auto).

Competition among the two groups of players (i.e., Vehicle OS, Smartphone Manufacturers) has led to interesting collaborations such as Google and Mercedes driving functionality and capability within the in-vehicle dashboard – Google’s positioning in both the smartphone projection systems and the vehicle OS indicates a multifaceted approach to this concept providing them with a strategic edge.

While OEMs have taken different approaches to infotainment (e.g., in-housing, preventing projection system integrations to the vehicle), consumer preferences will drive demand making it critical for application providers to keep up to date within the everchanging landscape through partnerships and collaborations.